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Poke is a raw salad served as an appetizer in Hawaiian cuisine


Aloha Fresh, the idea was simple, started by simple group of guys from Hawaii: The concept of Aloha Fresh is focused on Poke, a popular Hawaiian cuisine has become popular around the world. What makes Aloha Fresh unique is that the ingredients used is of the best quality, sourced from surrounding farms and fish flown in from Hawaii hours after it was caught. Using high-quality  ingredients, unique recipes, and a fresh interior, Aloha Fresh is the new fresh, healthy dining experience. Using higher-fresher-quality ingredients. We are committed to using a variety of fresh, local ingredients that we purchase from select proveirs. we even fly in our fish directly from Hawaii. For easy and fast service, we serve all our dishes in bowls. We only focus on a few items and do it well. We purposely keep a simple menu with unique and complex flavors.