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Poke is a raw appetizer served in Hawaiian cuisine 

Aloha - a greeting, love, compassion

Poke (po-keh) - to slice/cut

Mahalo - thank you

Aloha Fresh was started by simple group of guys from Hawaii looking for traditional Hawaiian poke in California. Whenever you walk into Aloha Fresh, we want you to feel the love that we put into making our poke. The Native Hawaiians first created poke, a Hawaiian dish, by dicing freshly caught fish and seasoning it with whatever was on hand - salt, limu (seaweed), and kukui nuts. Yup, it was that simple.

Our goal is to keep the Hawaiian tradition alive. What makes Aloha Fresh unique is that our fish comes from Hawaiian waters and is flown here within hours of being caught - NEVER frozen and NEVER treated with carbon monoxide. All of our poke flavors are unique and are made in-house using high-quality ingredients. If you ever have trouble deciding what to order, you are more than welcome to sample our poke. We offer a large variety of poke flavors daily. Our San Jose Japantown location also has hot food items, which you can pair with your poke or eat by itself.

Aloha Fresh is happy to serve you poke the right way. You will surely taste the difference. #alwaysfreshneverfrozen

Mahalo and we hope to see you soon!